Short Biography for Rex D. Moore
Director/Curator for OLM


Rex D. Moore has served as a deacon for the Netherwood Park church of Christ since 1987.   He has helped with or been directly responsible for a number of ministries over the years.   He has helped with the Pantry and Clothing ministries.   Rex served as deacon for the Thai/Lao ministry at Netherwood Park from 1987 to 1993.   He has been involved with the Circuit Preachers program at Netherwood Park for many years and has taught Bible school classes off and on for many years as well.

Since 1994 the Internet has been a primary focus for Rex.   He was primarily responsible for the formation of OLM (OnLine Ministries for the Churches of Christ) in October of 1995.   He is honored to be one of the founding members of this group and has served as the Director of this group since 1997.   He is the Webservant for,,,,, and the owner/webmaster of web hosting and development. Rex's OLM for the brotherhood is not only OLM, but also a search engine that links us together.

He says, "Just put up a site, let me know it's there, post your information and I'll come index it!"


Rex and his wife Viola


Rex back in his corporate climber days


Rex working at Gateway support center in Rio Rancho, NM before moving on to Tech USA who introduced DSL to the Rio Grande valley for Qwest.


Buzz and Rex